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          Sichuan is the hometown of Chinese wine. A city located in the south of the ancient "wine city" reputation, wine history has thousands of years since the Qin and Han dynasty. The wine cellar of XXX is a large state-owned backbone winemaking enterprise developed on the basis of 36 ancient brewery groups in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The inheritance "The city to drink, wine in the city", since the beginning of the first generation of Guo Huaiyu in Yuan Dynasty fro...

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          Guizhou's liquor industry in an all-round way

          Franchise advantage

          ① One to one "nanny" service
          ② Let you sell no worries and "money".
          ③ Big brands: zero risk, large profit margins, market management standard, support policy flexible return service support, do behind your solid backing, ensure operation worry free rush delivery, the whole network support to enhance popularity.


          A certain wine industry to survive, with the credibility of the development, with you to a win-win situation, create brilliant.

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